I’ve been traveling since the early ‘70’s. In the early years, I rode the trains across Europe. Since 1990 I’ve moved into more distant and exotic destinations. I plan to continue traveling as long as I’m able; the goal is for me and the money to run out at the same time. These photos were shot with various types of cameras, both film and digital.

  I’m a member of the Travelers’ Century Club with 174 destinations checked off, and I’m registered at the Most Traveled People website with 342 visited of their long list of destinations. Officially, I’ve visited 121 of the 192 United Nations on 6 continents. Unless I've forgotten some, I've flown into and/or out of more than 192 airports, a few of which don't exist any more.

As of 1 August 2019, I have visited 234 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 73 countries.

On this website, they will be noted by the World Heritage symbol

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