WHO...is Karen Rychlewski

What’s to tell?

I’m from Chicago.

                I’m a Cubs fan.

I can die happy: my Cubbies won it all

               in 2016.

I’ve lived in West Virginia since 1968.

                     The Ohio River occasionally

                     flowed through my basement.

I taught art for 30+ years.

        It had its ups and down.

My artwork now is digital.

I travel a lot.

I’ll travel until too many body parts give out.

This website is about my travels,

                    with too many photos.

I read a lot.

I build scale models of biplanes and Polish armor.

       It keeps me out of the pool halls.

I’ve traced my Polish ancestry back to 1780,

     and I’ve walked the streets of my Polish ancestral village.

My other half is Danish

     and I'd like to walk those streets as well     

My life is a work in progress.

This site is about my travels

and the photos I've taken.